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Be careful when sleeping near a woman painting her nails…

October 17, 2007

In an unplanned and unexpected act of spontaneity a few weeks ago, my g/f decided to paint my toenails  while she was painting hers (and I was sleeping nearby).  I’m sure she was after the shock effect from me waking to find my toes sporting a fetching maroon pedicure (at least it wasn’t red or pink!), but… I let her down – I didn’t react.  Sure, I noticed them, but I simply didn’t act like it was anything out of the ordinary and proceeded to go about my business as if nothing was wrong.   And, I didn’t remove the polish.  I even wore it  to the mall with sandals on.  In fact, it’s still on my toes right now!

I guess her plan backfired.  She not only didn’t get the effect she was looking for, but I’ve actually become rather fond of having my toes painted for a change. 

So, do you think she will do this again?    Probably not. 

Darn, it was kinda fun!