Be careful when sleeping near a woman painting her nails…

In an unplanned and unexpected act of spontaneity a few weeks ago, my g/f decided to paint my toenails  while she was painting hers (and I was sleeping nearby).  I’m sure she was after the shock effect from me waking to find my toes sporting a fetching maroon pedicure (at least it wasn’t red or pink!), but… I let her down – I didn’t react.  Sure, I noticed them, but I simply didn’t act like it was anything out of the ordinary and proceeded to go about my business as if nothing was wrong.   And, I didn’t remove the polish.  I even wore it  to the mall with sandals on.  In fact, it’s still on my toes right now!

I guess her plan backfired.  She not only didn’t get the effect she was looking for, but I’ve actually become rather fond of having my toes painted for a change. 

So, do you think she will do this again?    Probably not. 

Darn, it was kinda fun!


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2 Responses to “Be careful when sleeping near a woman painting her nails…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I’ve been there! I painted my boyfriend’s toenails once when he was over to my apartment into the wee hours of the night. I had just finished painting my toes and he said that my toes looked “cute”. They were this nice shade of purple with little sparkles. It was funny, but just the way he said “cute” made me think he was curious. So, I said to him that since he liked them so much, maybe I should paint his too. He light-heartedly agreed, and so I got out the polish and did it! He had the prettiest purple toes, and he also seemed to be somewhat enamoured with them.
    So, I didn’t see him for about a week because we both got real busy with work and stuff, but then the weekend came and we got together to go to a movie. We went over to my place after the flick and when he took off his shoes and socks, I noticed that he still had the purple polish on! I asked him if he liked it and he said “sure”. Well, I was going to redo my nails that night, so guess what? I painted his again too! This time it was a rich maroon color. He’s such a good sport. I don’t really know if he really liked the polish on his toes, or if he was just playing with me, but whatever the case, he probably had the nicest-looking feet for a guy that I’ve ever seen!

  2. jakek Says:

    Danielle, that is cool that you painted his toenails! Being playful is a great attribute in a helathy relationship – don’t ever lose that ‘fun’.

    So, what is your favorite color on him now that you’ve tried a few?

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